Sit With Me Anger (Rebel Spell cover)

by Jesse LeBourdais

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This is a cover of a Rebel Spell song. Our friend Todd was taken from us way before he should have been, and this was always my favourite song of theirs. It breaks my heart to hear it and to know that I will never hear him sing it again.
Proceeds from this song will go to the Wildlife Defence Fund


Sit with me anger it’s just you and me, let’s clear this up I can’t let you leave.
Something’s not the same though I swore I’d never change, all this talk is losing steam, my rants become a drone.
I need the clarity you bring, so the drive can stay, I stand and philosophize while the world moves away
from the chaos that fuels me, outrage that feeds me, the simplicity that frees me and not moving is gonna beat me.

What if I thought about things? What if they were things that can’t be? What if I cried for change? Could I teach anyone to see?

Everything I learned says you can’t win and all that it takes is the march of time.
How can you be so sure, it’s not a simple world but the confusion falls away when you break things down to right or wrong.
The contrast is high between to move and not; the more you’ve got the more you want to stop/
What happened to you? You no longer want anything so much like me you’re tempted by sleep.

What if I thought about things? What if they were things that can’t be? What if I cried for change? Could I teach anyone to see?
What if it was I’ll I could do? What if I needed my rage and what if no one else cared? What if it tried to leave me?
Then the only question left to ask was, “What if I fail?”

so…why the lost cause? Why’d I choose this? What can I do? What if it mattered to me?
What if I fade? Why should I try? Why the questions?

There was a time we hadn’t even met so long ago I can’t even remember it.
But I didn’t need you I had the clarity of youth, a narrow perspective and the faith that I could.
But age tends to jade eyes and skin turns to leather, concrete waivers and knowledge shows a lack. All kinds of questions about perfect directions confuse the thinker and it doesn’t get better.

Oh my friend I’m in a cold dark night! Your existence has always been my fire and light,
but now you’ve been doused by a confused mess, still I’d fall and drown before I'd ever let you go.
But I can’t so I won’t, so keep me warm. There is a brutal doubt trying to break me down.
For a time I find the strength and then comforting voice like a siren's song, says you’ve got it all lay down.


released August 25, 2015
Original Song by the Rebel Spell
This version recorded at Home Studio by Jesse LeBourdais
Mixed by Shawn Cole
Mastered by Brock McFarlane.



all rights reserved


Jesse LeBourdais Vancouver, British Columbia

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